Helios is a documented set of design principles that sets the tone for the future of product design at Fidelity.
Through full utilization of the Providence Design System, a distributed set of centralized Patterns and Templates gives designers and developers a kit of "recipes" for creating commonly used UX patterns across the firm's products and services.
While sharing visuals of the Helios Enterprise Pattern Library and its paired documentation site is against Fidelity's content sharing policy, I can speak to some of the responsibilities as a lead designer on the Helios project.
Some of those responsibilities include:
- Lead pattern and template strategy and design with a focus on cross-business-unit reusability by facilitating the audit of initial vision work
- Built the strategy for design system team stewardship and standardization as an extension of its already-provided Visual Style and componetry
- Managing 9+ “feature huddle groups” to both strategically and tactically align current and upcoming work across the firm

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