I've been given the chance to tell my story to a handful of audiences and am very thankful for those opportunities. You can see links to those talks below. I'd love to speak at a conference, AIGA chapter, or other group, so please reach out!
[upcoming] AIGA Charlotte | 8/2020
[upcoming] Thinks & Drinks | 6/16/2020
[upcoming] HOW Design Live | 5/4-7/2020
Design Recharge Livestream Ep.327 | 1/22/2020
Design Week, AIGA Baltimore | 10/22/2019
CAMP Festival | 10/7-8/2019
Stress & Self Care Community Meeting, AIGA Raleigh | 9/4/2019
UXD Learning Day, Fidelity Investments | 5/28/2019
Creative South 2019 | 4/13/2019
HighFive Conference 2019 | 3/4/2019
I'd love to be on your podcast. We can talk about design, creativity, stress, or just shoot the shit! Please feel free to reach out.
[upcoming] Teammate / Apart Podcast | 2020
The Futur Podcast, Ep74 | 3/17/2020
Say It Online | 2/5/2020
Creatoring Holiday Extravaganza | 12/23/2019
The Quickie Podcast, Ep131 | 10/21/2019 & 10/22/2019
FredTalk Podcast, Ep38 | 10/9/2019
Feasting on Design, Ep163 | 7/1/2019
48hr Art Check | 5/26/2019
Creatoring, Ep20 | 5/17/2019
The Helm Podcast | 4/19/2017
WKNC’s Oak City Hustle | 3/31/2017
I love helping others achieve their goals. I currently offer two workshops: one on goal setting, and one on becoming a t-shaped designer. Let's what about what would work well for your audience!
Durham, NC | 2/28/2020
Raleigh, NC | 12/10/2019
CAMP Festival | 10/7-8/2019
AIGA Raleigh | 1/10/2018
Some of my projects and talks have gained the attention of others. You can read about them here:
Soft Skills Set You Apart: AMA Triangle - Marketing News
Creative South  Session: Dunn&Co’s Max Dempster
HighFive Conference Breakout Session: Brasco HighFive Recap   |  inmotionnow HighFive Recap
Amplify! Student Voices Project: About  |  Press Release
Design for Hope - St Jude/AIGA Partnership: The Creative Armory Blog